Contact Tracing for Students

4 October, 2020 |

As schools reopen and are doing their best to deal with unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus / COVID-19, we have received an increasing number of requests to include Contact Tracing with our ridership tracking feature.

We are pleased to announce that starting today, schools using our rider tracking will get free access to our advanced contact tracing.

We set out to address the following questions:

  • Who was in contact with a given student on the bus, and on what days?
  • At what times did the overlap occurred and on which routes?
  • How long was the overlap, in order to assess the degree of possible exposure?

This information is now easily available to BusWhere administrators on the Users tab of the admin portal. You may search by the student’s name or their parent’s name, click “contact trace”, and the information will be displayed in an easy-to-read table format. You will also see the contact information for the parent of each student who overlaps, including email and phone number, in order to make it quick and easy to contact the relevant parties.

With BusWhere Contact Tracing, you can find out in seconds who on the bus with a given student and for how long, and take appropriate action to notify parents. Contact Tracing reflects our ongoing commitment to providing innovative and easy-to-use features that are timely and hopefully contribute to the worldwide efforts of slowing down and stopping COVID-19, in the hopes of a return to a regular routine as soon as possible.

Got questions / requests? Please contact anytime.

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