25 October 2022 | 0

Shuttle Bus Tracking: Core Features & More

BusWhere started life as a K-12 yellow school bus solution. Buses leave from the bus lot in the morning, pick up kids, drop them off at school, and the route ends. When we were first asked to expand our solution to support shuttle buses, we were faced with the basic question: “How is shuttle bus […]

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6 March 2022 | 0

Split & Combined Routes

Over the last two years, “not normal” has become the new normal. We have heard stories from so many of our schools about the difficulty of running bus service during COVID, of keeping staff, of making sure everyone stays healthy and worrying about those who have had serious health challenges as a result of the […]

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17 January 2022 | 0

Schedules: Measuring Success

About a year ago, United Airlines came to us with a request to be able to upload bus schedules to BusWhere, in order to measure on-time performance. With route-aware GPS installed on your fleet, you gain precise logs with arrival and departure times at each stop, and it becomes possible to measure how the published […]

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7 October 2021 | 0

Activity Bus Tracking

“Can we use BusWhere to track our activity buses?” This is a question that we’ve gotten enough recently that we decided to consider the best way to add this feature to our service. First of all: What is an activity bus, and how is it different from a route bus? Schools and districts may have […]

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