3 January 2024 | 0

Ride Reservations for Shuttle Buses

Looking for a way to streamline reservations for your shuttles? BusWhere’s Ride Reservations is the answer, with easy reservations for your riders and transparency for your drivers and service operators. Administrator Highlights Fully Customizable — Control Over Time Slots, Durations, and Capacities Administrators have the ability to customize time slots, determine durations, and specify seat […]

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7 November 2023 | 0

GPS Parent App: Ten Things To Ask For

Whether you have been tracking your buses for years or are just looking into options, it can be hard to know what’s important to look for. BusWhere has been focused solely on providing the best experience for parents and riders for more than a decade, and we would like to share some of what we’ve […]

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5 October 2023 | 0

Baltimore County – About BusWhere

We are excited to welcome the more than 80,000 students of Baltimore County, Maryland to join BusWhere! Learn more in this video, and we look forward to helping you track your school bus.

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18 July 2023 | 0

Fleet Tracking Features

BusWhere empowers admins with fleet management capabilities that ensure efficient operations and informed decision-making. This article explores the key features of BusWhere’s fleet management tools, providing you with the knowledge to effectively monitor and optimize your bus activity. Live Mapping: With BusWhere’s fleet map, you gain valuable insights into the current status of each vehicle […]

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6 June 2023 | 0

BusWhere is a 1GPA Awarded Vendor

1GPA (https://www.1gpa.org) is a national, nonprofit purchasing cooperative that allows entities to take advantage of existing contracts to purchase the services, supplies, and/or equipment that you need without having to gothrough the entire solicitation process yourselves. If you are already a 1GPA member, you may be able to use BusWhere for your district without a […]

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