School Bus Tracking

Schools, Districts & Bus Companies

Watch your buses on the map in real-time, and see how long the bus spends at each stop so you can work with parents to make things run more smoothly. Patented Any Bus, Any Route™ means buses move on/off routes for maintenance automatically with no configuration changes needed. Parents get an app with real-time ETAs and automatic notifications instead of calling for information.

Fleet Tracking

Patented Smart Route Detection™ and Any Bus, Any Route™ Auto-Detection

Fleet View

Monitor all your buses on one map at one time to get a birds-eye view of your fleet, including where your buses are and which route each one is running.

For Each Bus

See current location, speed, fuel levels, and other vehicle telematics, with all data points saved for interactive logging and offline download.

Interactive Logs

Replay (DVR-style) any route from any day on a map, including stop arrivals and speed at every point. Drag forward and backward to see exactly what happened on that route on that day.

You Own Your Data

Download raw data in Excel-friendly format for offline analysis, graphing, filtering, etc. including every data point for any day

Simple Plug & Play Setup

Plug & Play setup of the tracker using standard interfaces (J-1939 / OBD2), or cigarette-lighter based solution for older buses

Instant ETA

Click any bus in your fleet to get an instant ETA to any address or landmark, using current traffic conditions, to know when a particular bus will get to some location

Route Planning

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

“What-if” Scenarios

Create “what-if” scenarios by easily dragging stops around the route and watching the route that is generated between those stops

Add & Remove Stops

Easily add and remove stops from a route to see the impact on travel and arrival times

Historical ETAs

For each stop on the route, view historical ETAs for that stop so you know what time the bus typically gets there

Route Management

Give your riders peace of mind to know where their bus is and when it will arrive by downloading our free iPhone or Android app.

  • Patented machine learning algorithms learn the route by watching how the driver drives on a typical day
  • Easy creation of stops using address auto-completion or bulk-import from route management software
  • Best-guess ETAs for estimates before the school year starts
  • Historical ETAs at any stop during the school year
  • Smart, self-configuring system: Any Bus, Any Route™ means that even if the regular bus goes out of service, BusWhere automatically knows which bus is running the route with no manual configuration changes
  • Simple setup: Put our tracker on the bus, set up the route, and things start working immediately, with no daily maintenance and no driver action required


  • No more “where’s my bus” calls from parents
  • Notifications sent automatically to parents when the bus is a few minutes from their house
  • Advanced up-to-the-minute ETA prediction based on arrival and skipped stop detection, not just “geofence” alerts
  • Powerful messaging portal to send time-sensitive messages to parents
  • View arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, including how long the bus spent at any stop
  • Support for multiple schools on a single route
  • Support for multiple bus companies servicing a school or district

Brilliant app, saved me many hours of bus waiting, thank you!

It was reassuring to know that we still had a few minutes to get to the bus stop in the morning.

The kids were able to play in the apartment and go down when the bus ACTUALLY arrived.

First Stop on the Route

    Parents at schools currently using BusWhere: We are not able to add or remove you from a bus for security reasons: Please do not submit this form. Instead you should contact your school’s transportation director and ask for their assistance.

    If your school does not yet use BusWhere, please send this page to your school's transportation department and ask them to fill out this form so we can help you get started! We can add full GPS tracking and parent app capabilities to a school within a week!