26 May 2024 | 0

BusWhere Partner Program

Are you a solutions provider for the transportation industry? Do you already work with schools, bus companies, shuttle services, and other customers to install and support CB radios, GPS trackers, and other hardware? Perhaps you have been asked recently about bus tracking for students or riders? BusWhere has worked informally with vendors and partners for […]

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6 June 2023 | 0

BusWhere is a 1GPA Awarded Vendor

1GPA (https://www.1gpa.org) is a national, nonprofit purchasing cooperative that allows entities to take advantage of existing contracts to purchase the services, supplies, and/or equipment that you need without having to gothrough the entire solicitation process yourselves. If you are already a 1GPA member, you may be able to use BusWhere for your district without a […]

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20 June 2021 | 0

Security and Privacy

As we wrap up this school year and look to the next, it is a good time to review what we do for the privacy of our users and the security of information that is sent. BusWhere was designed and built from the ground up for the K-12 schools, so student privacy is built in […]

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4 March 2021 | 0

Partners: Samsara

We are excited to announce official support for BusWhere’s industry-leading ETAs, rider apps, and detailed and interactive route-based logging with Samsara’s high-quality GPS hardware. If you are an existing Samsara customer and are interested in adding the ability for your riders to track ETAs live from their mobile phone, please contact support@buswhere.com to ask about […]

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12 November 2020 | 0

GDPR Compliance

We are pleased to announce that BusWhere has already implemented key steps towards full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the capable and comprehensive help of the cybersecurity and data protection firm Konfidas, we have completed a compliance review of all BusWhere systems, and implemented any changes that were needed in […]

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