About BusWhere

Our Origins

The inspiration for BusWhere came from a number of parents who felt frustrated not knowing when and where the bus would arrive: Day after day, we would get our kids to the bus stop on time but ended up waiting for up to 20 minutes, never knowing when the bus was going to come. And we experienced the same problem after school.

At the stop: Did the bus go by already? Is it broken down? Do we want to be “those parents” who call the school and ask for information?

Knowing that the bus would be late could have given us more time with our children in the morning,  and less (or more informed) rushing to the stop in the afternoon.

From early prototypes using cellphones and the generous logistical support of a local school, we have been refining the technology and services behind BusWhere since those early years. We’ve grown as the technology has improved, and we now service schools and districts in many of the 50 states as well as numerous “BusWhere for Shuttles” customers — companies, universities, airlines, and other organizations who want to provide better visibility into their transportation programs.

Our Mission

BusWhere aims to bring wireless, omniscient technological magic to the otherwise uncertain experience of waiting for buses or being responsible for ensuring their smooth operation.

Our Commitments

  • Usability: Software should be intuitive and a pleasure to use. Adding BusWhere should require less work and make administration easier. Administrators should have quick control over things that require human judgment, and anything else should be automated.
  • Security: The movement of buses and their riders, and the broadcasting of those movements, poses legitimate concerns about privacy. Unless explicitly requested otherwise, information captured by BusWhere is made available only to authorized administrators and the riders that they personally invite and authorize, on a per-bus basis.
  • Quality: Given the choice between a mediocre experience at a rock-bottom price and a rewarding one for slightly more, we will always choose the better experience. This means industry-leading real-time updates, patented route-detection algorithms, white-glove service for newcomers, and no locking into long-term contracts. Our customers stay with us year afterr year because of the quality of our service, not because of any contractual obligation.

About Jack Kustanowitz, Founder

Jack’s background is in software development, consulting, and management. He has 25 years experience working with large and small companies on dozens of software projects, including many that use GPS and location awareness.

Jack is also founder and principal at MountainPass Technology, whose staff has proudly participated in BusWhere since its inception.

With a BS from Boston University and an MS from the University of Maryland, he has always come at software from a usability and user-centered perspective. At Maryland he specialized in and published papers in the field of Human-Computer Interaction at the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (UMD-HCIL).

Contact Us

If you have questions about BusWhere, either as a current customer or as someone who would like to join, please contact us at support@buswhere.com. Our support email is monitored by real people and shows up in our inboxes, and we make every effort to answer questions as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!