Fleet Tracking Features

18 July, 2023 |

BusWhere empowers admins with fleet management capabilities that ensure efficient operations and informed decision-making. This article explores the key features of BusWhere’s fleet management tools, providing you with the knowledge to effectively monitor and optimize your bus activity.

Live Mapping: With BusWhere’s fleet map, you gain valuable insights into the current status of each vehicle in your fleet. This includes real-time tracking, ignition status (On/Off) and a timestamp of most recent data received from the tracker. Stay updated on your drivers progress using the instant ETA, helping you to track bus whereabouts and make informed decisions.

Bus Health Data: Monitor and analyze vital bus health data with BusWhere. Track fuel levels, odometer readings, gear shifts, battery levels, and other key metrics. This information enables you to proactively address maintenance needs, optimize vehicle performance, and minimize disruptions.

Complete Tracking History: Access a day by day tracking history for each vehicle within the fleet. The fleet map provides a timeline of tracking data, allowing you to review the path and movements of the bus throughout the day. By overlaying the route on the map, you can verify route compliance and ensure buses are where they need to be.

Safety Sparkline: BusWhere’s safety sparkline is a powerful visual tool that summarizes driver behavior. Analyzing a quarter of a million data points over the course of a month, it provides a condensed overview of driving patterns, including sudden accelerations or stops. The safety sparkline helps identify potential safety concerns and opportunities for driver training and improvement.

Bus/Route Correlation: Efficiently manage your fleet by viewing which buses are locked to a route. The fleet map displays all active routes on one screen, allowing you to quickly determine whether buses are on or off their designated routes.

Check Engine Light Status with Notifications: Stay informed about the check engine light status of your fleet with BusWhere’s notification system. Administrators receive email notifications when the engine light in any vehicle turns on or off. These timely alerts enable swift attention to potential issues and reduce downtime.

BusWhere’s fleet management tools equip you with comprehensive insights and capabilities to efficiently manage your bus activity. By leveraging real-time vehicle status, bus health data, complete tracking history, the safety sparkline, bus/route correlation, and check engine light notifications, you can optimize your fleet’s performance, ensure safety, and minimize disruptions.

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