BusWhere for Shuttles

Track. Inform. Optimize.

BusWhere is the comprehensive solution for the shuttle bus market, that helps schedule, manage, monitor, and track your fleet, and provides real-time data for administrators and riders.

Core Technology, Customized for Shuttles

Patented Smart Route Detection™

Any Bus: Any Route

Swappable, plug & play vehicle trackers mean no daily configuration necessary. The system works as long as any tracker is on the bus even if the regular bus goes out for maintenance

Learned Routes

Simply drive the route for a few days — BusWhere watches where you drive and lets you update the route based on historical data.

Stops and Routes Anywhere

Does the bus stop in a parking lot? At various shuttle stops that don’t have known addresses? Do you drive through shortcuts that go off-road? No problem, BusWhere lets you set up stops based on GPS coordinates.

Simple Route Setup

Configure stops one at a time using auto-complete, or easily import from a file. Get your first route set up in minutes!

DVR-style rewind & fast-forward any route

Advanced route logging shows you arrival & departure times at each stop, and lets you rerun any route form any day to see exactly where the bus went and how fast it was going. Download your data for offline analysis.

Continuous Routes / Multiple Buses

Seamless support for routes that run continuously, even 24/7. If you have multiple buses on the same route, ETAs factor in the location of all buses currently driving the route.

Works With What You Have

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

Already tracking your vehicles?

No problem. BusWhere adds a rider app and powerful logging functionality regardless of what system you currently use to track buses. Ask us about integration with many of the existing tracking systems.

Complete Solution

BusWhere can be your full-fledged fleet-tracking solution, or be added to your existing platform. All devices can be used in addition to any tracker you already have, using a Y-connector or cigarette adapter for older vehicles.

Not Locked Into a Platform

You are not locked into a platform and don’t have to buy more than you need in order to get ETA-based tracking for your riders.

Happy Riders. Happy Staff.

Give your riders peace of mind to know where their shuttle is and when it will arrive by downloading our free iPhone or Android app.

  • Gain powerful control over your route history.
  • Quickly and intuitively solve problems and fix inefficiencies.
  • Communicate with your riders based on real data and work together to improve the system for everyone.

Why BusWhere? Ease of Use.

  • Unparalleled ease of setup, minutes per route
  • Zero daily maintenance
  • Quick device installation with no wiring changes needed
  • Intelligent route locking means no configuration / device mapping required
  • Personal support, from when you’re just getting started through setup and deployment
  • Secure permission-based app lets riders know the bus’s location and ETA at any stop, and sends notifications when the shuttle is getting close.

BusWhere changed how our employees use our parking lots, which are now better and more evenly utilized.

I now see folks gathered around the bus stops in the morning looking at their phones to see when the next bus will arrive.

I use this every day to know what's going on. The map is always open on my computer screen.

First Stop on the Route

To get started or to learn more about what BusWhere has to offer, please enter the following basic information and we will get in touch with you shortly.

If you would like access to an existing BusWhere for Shuttles program, please contact your fleet administrator to request an email invitation.