Shuttle Bus Tracking: Core Features & More

25 October, 2022 |

BusWhere started life as a K-12 yellow school bus solution. Buses leave from the bus lot in the morning, pick up kids, drop them off at school, and the route ends.

When we were first asked to expand our solution to support shuttle buses, we were faced with the basic question: “How is shuttle bus tracking different?” Over the last 5 years we have had the privilege of working with our customers to refine the vision, and what started with “support circular routes” has evolved into a powerful platform for shuttle fleets, now in use around the world.


  • Circular routes: Routes can run 24 hours a day in a loop, with ETAs at every stop constantly updated
  • Multiple buses on a single route: The ETA at a stop is the ETA of the next bus set to arrive
  • SmartAssign (unique to BusWhere): Software determines which bus is running which route and automatically moves buses between routes based on the observed bus location, for “zero-administration” operation
  • Learned Routes (unique to BusWhere): Track buses with stops in parking lots, on campuses, etc. even if “off-map” and provide reliable ETAs based on historical route performance

Additional Features

  • Rider counting with a simple driver app
  • Banner message in the app to notify users of time-sensitive updates
  • Uploadable schedule with reporting on performance compared to published schedule
  • On-demand ride requests with tracking and ETA as bus goes to pick up the rider

Security Models

  • Private; Users are invited and required to register
  • Domain Whitelist: Anyone with a pre-approved domain (eg University email) can register on a branded landing page without administrator approval
  • Code: Users can download the BusWhere for Shuttles app, enter a code for your organization, and view buses
  • Custom App: BusWhere can design, build and deploy to the app stores a custom app with your company’s branding and colors, with direct access to your routes
  • Public: Anyone can scan a QR code and see a mobile website with the bus location & ETAs

Standard BusWhere Goodies

  • Industry-leading 4-5 second updates for real-time movement in the app
  • Interactive and downloadable logs for access to any data point, anytime
  • White-glove onboarding and support
  • Multiple options for GPS trackers including plug-in, cable, cigarette lighter, solar-powered, and others
  • Optional integration into your existing GPS tracking system
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