Partners: IntelliShift

1 April, 2021 |

BusWhere has integrated with the IntelliShift platform to provide clients and their ridership with rich, real-time information about the location, status, and ETA of their buses.  Integration is immediate – no ordering or hardware; we just turn it on and you can see your buses. 

Using real-time and historical information about bus operations from IntelliShift along with the IntelliShfit data analysis studio, BusWhere helps operations managers to better plan and optimize their routes.  Administrators using BusWhere report a dramatic drop in “when will the bus get here” phone calls and a large increase in rider satisfaction.   

Are you an IntelliShift customer interested in adding real-time ETAs and vehicle visibility to your riders? Email for an instant integration and free trial. 

More about IntelliShift and BusWhere can be found here:

About IntelliShift

For nearly twenty years IntelliShift has been working to bring connectivity and intelligence to customers’ fleets and field operations so they can gain actionable insights, digitize operations and optimize operational performance.  The IntelliShift platform aggregates multiple types of data related to fleet operations and provides computerized data intelligence tools and applications that together reduce vehicle operation costs, improve driver and passenger safety, and increase productivity of assets in the field.  IntelliShift provides optional application modules with its platform, which in addition to telematics can support customer needs for vehicle inspections, maintenance, compliance fuel management, driver safety, driver communication, dispatch, and routing.   IntelliShift also offers an Artificial Intelligence video system that provides real-time, advanced driver safety assistance.  IntelliShift takes a customer-first approach by understanding the customer’s needs, providing white-glove services to install equipment on the customer’s vehicles and assets where needed, and helping the customer to configure the IntelliShift toolkit to deliver the desired results.  And the IntelliShift platform comes with an easy-to-use set of APIs for integrating with other applications.

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