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25 September, 2018 |

We at BusWhere are pleased to present these upgrades, improvements and shiny new features to make your user experience run more smoothly. To find out more about how we’re making your BusWhere experience easier and more convenient, read on:

Any Bus, Any Route: Enhanced AutoDetect

Sometimes a bus needs maintenance or inspection. But don’t worry: even if there’s a replacement bus running the route instead of the regular bus, we’ve got you covered. We have improved our patented auto-detect algorithms for our new Any Bus, Any Route technology; as long as the bus running the route has a BusWhere tracker, the route will be tracked and parents will get alerts regardless of which bus is physically running the route on that particular day. So even if your child’s regular bus isn’t operating, it’s business as usual for you, so you can concentrate on all your other business.

Instant ETA

If you’re a member of a school’s transportation staff, you probably get many questions from parents about when a particular bus will arrive. Now you can answer questions with an accuracy that everyone will appreciate: click any bus on the fleet map–without configuring any routes–to get an instant ETA to any location, given current traffic conditions. This powerful feature lets you know when a bus will return to the school, or how far it is from a destination like an away sports game. With a simple tap, you’ll have all the answers, which will make planning your schedule that much easier!

Convenient Mobile Administration

View your entire fleet map from your mobile device, and send time-sensitive messages to the parents on any bus–all from your phone while you’re on the way to work. (Don’t text and drive, though!) Easily stay in touch with the parents and reassure / inform your riders about delays and changes to the schedule. And remember to tell them to watch the BusWhere app for up-to-the-minute information on where the bus is and when it will get to their stop. 

Tracking Delayed Opening / Early Dismissal Times

Sometimes weather or other unexpected events may delay the start of school, or end the school day early. BusWhere will now track these alternate times: using the app, the school can set the number of hours for the delay or early dismissal, and the routes will run as usual but at the new times, just for that one day. Parents will see the updated times on their app, and the next day the routes will return to normal times automatically, without any need for school administrators or parents to reset or reconfigure anything.

All of these new features are here with you in mind: providing parents and staff with the best information about bus schedules without requiring a lot of maintenance and attention from you. We work to make BusWhere as convenient and helpful as possible, and are grateful for your feedback as you use these features and as we develop new ones for the future.

Stay tuned to this space to learn about new features first!


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