BusWhere for Conferences

Track. Inform. Optimize.

BusWhere lets conference bus companies control the challenging and intense logistics of running busing for short-term conferences. Provide real-time bus location and ETAs to your staff, and share with attendees with no app download required.

Core Technology, Easy Management

Patented Smart Route Detection™

Any Bus: Any Route

Plug & play vehicle trackers connect to the cigarette lighter adapter for easy portability between conferences and overnight removal. The system works as long as any tracker is on the bus even if the bus switches routes midday.

Learned Routes

Simply drive the route a few times — BusWhere watches where you drive and updates ETAs based on actual historical data.

Stops and Routes Anywhere

Does the bus stop in a parking lot? At various shuttle stops that don’t have known addresses? Do you drive through shortcuts that go off-road? No problem, BusWhere lets you set up stops based on GPS coordinates.

Simple Route Setup

Customized and branded administration portal. Easily create and name conferences, set custom URLs for your riders, and set up routes in minutes. 

DVR-style rewind & fast-forward any route

Advanced route logging shows you arrival & departure times at each stop, and lets you rerun any route form any day to see exactly where the bus went and how fast it was going. Logs remain for your reference even after the conference is over.

Continuous Routes / Multiple Buses

Seamless support for routes that run continuously, or start & stop throughout the day. If you have multiple buses on the same route, ETAs factor in the location of all buses currently driving the route.

Rider Information, No App Required

Lightweight and Easy

Afraid of Commitment?

Conference attendees are there for the conference not for the buses. Provide an easy-to-remember URL or QR code so attendees can see the bus locations, landmarks, and their current location to easily get to the bus stop. No app required.

Easy Setup and Teardown

Plan conferences in advance and configure routes quickly and easily. Tracking starts as soon as the buses start to move, and BusWhere starts broadcasting locations and ETAs to your staff and riders.

Staff Communication

Whether or not riders use the features, your staff will know where your buses are without constantly checking in over the radio or cellphones. Move buses between routes as needed if someone is running late.

Happy Riders. Happy Staff.

Give your riders peace of mind to know where their conference bus is and when it will arrive.

  • Gain powerful control over your conference buses.
  • Quickly and intuitively solve problems and fix inefficiencies.
  • Provide visibility and information, even for short-term engagements.

Why BusWhere? Ease of Use.

  • Unparalleled ease of setup, minutes per route
  • Zero daily maintenance
  • Quick device installation using cigarette lighter adapter
  • Personal support, from when you’re just getting started through setup and deployment
  • You are in control: Easily create conferences, assign buses and routes, and deploy quickly and easily

Our staff was able to track the buses easily and accurately, without constantly being on the phone to coordinate.

The Conference Starts Soon!

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